"Daniel Markham is one of the premier songwriters in Denton. His gruff and grimy style of rock and roll sits in contrast with his angelic voice and heartfelt lyricism."

- 35 Denton Festival



Pop Matters
April 2016

“I had a dream I wrote a song called ‘Disintegrator’ so I woke up and wrote a song called ‘Disintegrator,’” noted Daniel Markham as an introduction to his latest single at a recent house show in Baltimore, Maryland. A man out of place and time, the Denton, Texas singer/songwriter drew inspiration from the Alternative Nation era of rock on 2013 debut, Ruined My Life. Lamenting the breakup of R.E.M. on “Favorite Band”, Markham followed up with his own Monster on 2014’s Pretty Bitchin’.

The Big Takeover
April 2016

Singer-songwriter Daniel Markham calls Denton, TX home; but as a former Lubbockite, he falls in line with the likes of Terry Allen and The Flatlanders by following his own art instincts. It can be heard in the 90’s bent of 2013’s Ruined My Life, the Big Star by way of Black Metal mashup of 2014’s Pretty Bitchin’, and now inside the lush, late night hum of Disintegrator.


New Slang
May 2016

Like many of his West Texas contemporaries, Daniel Markham has often been able to tap into the isolating, yet calm lonesomeness of The Panhandle. Whether it be Thrift Store Cowboys and Amanda Shires of the last decade, Terry Allen and The Flatlanders of the late ’70s, or Buddy Holly and Wink-native Roy Orbison of the late ’50s, they all the ability to capture the parting winds of the flatlands and the blistering sun of the West Texas deserts. It was engrained in their sound–becoming signature for each in their own shades.